Velcro To Keep Organized Fishing Poles

There is nothing better than keep fishing poles in order and with an organizer/portavaras, whether manufactured by ourselves or purchased in a store.

Velcro To Keep Organized Fishing Poles

Having placed the rods in a portavaras we ensure that they will remain in better shape and even its maintenance will be much easier.

But what happens when the weather or the economy fail to make or buy a portavaras; then, the velcro.

Yes, Velcro strap for organizing fishing poles as the one in the photo in SONGAAH.

Velcro To Keep Organized Fishing Poles 1

Velcro To Keep Organized Fishing Poles 2

Velcro To Keep Organized Fishing Poles 3

A couple of days ago I went to my father’s House and I started to collect fishing things, I found a few yards of fishing in the wardrobe of tools, despite not being expensive rods, they were in good condition; However, the lower and upper section of each rod, were each on its side.

What I did was take a few velcro strips that I found that I had never used for its original purpose (tie cables) and placed them around each section of the pole.

I am not a lover of leagues (or rubber) so velcro found me an alternative, elegant, brilliant and very practical, as you can see in the photos.

These velcro straps  will allow us to keep each piece together and minimize the chance of cracking a part (since we can adjust how tight want to be) especially in those lighter rods.

Taking into account that we can get packages from $3.00 onwards, I think a good temporary solution.

Tell me how you keep organized your fishing gear!