Tracking Walleye In Ponds

In smaller ponds, it is possible to find walleye and catch. Low water plants or obstacles exist in ponds is the soil structure of great importance. Then you have to…

Edges, deep holes and based on sandbanks, where the predators are based. You can explore these places in the Lake with the sonar and then lay out his predator bait. The exploration is also with a rubber fish from the shore.

After ejecting at the different sections of the water, counting the seconds until the lure has reached the bottom. Then you can estimate about the depth of the water. You can feel but also the setting up of the bait and the cord is also the same slack. Also on the push feed attachment is to detect whether the reason is fixed or muddy. Zander to stay in waters prefer a hard, rocky ground. Then, you need to find out on which day or season of the various fishing areas, the walleye bite prefers.

Walleye fishing after the closed season
Is the biological recovery of the pike perch is expired, the fish are not as easy to catch as the Pike. The reason for this is that the pike perch males still guard the dropped and fertilized eggs.For fishing for walleye, you have only half of the pike perch stock available practically for a period of time. The pike perch females eat quite normally continue in the spawning season, but not as fressgierig as the Pike females.