Topwaterfischen On ASP

Summer time is ASP. For many predatory fish anglers, a somewhat unproductive time tends to be the summer. No bites so really intoxicating and sometimes not even properly to take pleasure in the water!

While it is true that the most robbers have expended quite naturally in the spring and maybe somewhat behind the right highlights, but you should definitely not a predatordisregard: the ASP. Now relatively widespread, the ASP represents an attractive target for the modern spin anglers and it is really fun to fish in these aggressive predators especially on the surface.

Bait Fishing On ASP
All lures to use that swim or just break through the surface of the water here. Of course can you ASP on sinking lures on the bottom or catch in the mean sea level, but there is really nothing better than to watch live ASP attacks because you can see the attacks on the bait often before the bite and thereby an attractive adrenaline rush is almost guaranteed. Chose now the right tackle, you can experience a fishing of inheriting the silberenen colleagues definitely have power?
Best own up for the Topwaterangelei on ASP of traditionally stickbaits, Popper, propeller baits (short Propbaits) or quickly guided Softjerks, or even the good old Bobber. The latter, a quick lure is important, because they otherwise fall and otherwise deprive us of the opportunity on a surface live bite. However, are the absolute charm spinning stops with subsequent sprints often on difficult days. If the fish while pursuing the bait, but take that causes a short forget or fall often wonders.
At, there are some very good lures for ASP fishing, which easily carried even by beginners recently and fly very far and accurately (also important, because the ASP often far from the shore in the middle of the stream). The Illex Bonnie 95 for example or the pencil 90 of AR lures are real guns when it comes to the targeted fishing by large ASP. But also Popper are real ASP killer and score on difficult days, when otherwise nothing really runs.

Tackle Fishing On ASP
Fishing rods and reels, you should rely fully on his feeling. If one has no confidence in his spinning device, you should upgrade as quickly as possible. A well functioning brake is the key to a successful landing of a large ASP, because the big go always hard on the Bremse-especially right after the bite so special caution is required.

Cord To The ASP Fishing

The subject line and accompanied the chapter node is also essential. The smallest flaw is in the drill a large ASP may be a loss of fish run and therefore, particularly the details of ASP installation should vote. Good single hangers (snap), as well as a good Flourocarbon (of course fresh clean knotted) are an absolute must. However, one can also have a high-quality monofilament line circumferential thus eliminates a leader on the braided main line to connect.
In the still water, ASP reach often giant sizes and it is still a bit difficult to outsmart them – there rather a matter for specialists. Have fun hunting on your capital ASP.