Tips and Tricks to Ensnare the Ubarana

– As the ubarana like strong currents, check the tides in advance and choose dates within the range of 3 days before or 3 days after the full moons or new.

– Fishing with metal jigs, the choice of color and size of the bait is an important factor. Colors of chrome and with tones of orange or pink are indicated.

Tips and Tricks to Ensnare the Ubarana 1

– The large ubaranas almost did not jump, but take a lot of line from the reels and reels. To not be caught off guard by a jump sudden, always keep the voltage of the line and never over-tighten the friction, under the risk of tearing the mouth of the fish or pop the line during the race. Sudden movements can tear the thin membrane of his mouth. Not part of your habit to search for stones and enroscos during the races.

– Be careful when handling the ubaranas during withdrawal of the hook or artificial bait. They are very busy and, as they have a lot of mucus in the body, they are slippery.

– If you find in the market fish for sale with the singular name of “sea of stone”, pay attention, you can treat yourself ubaranas being sold by a trader dishonest.

Tips and Tricks to Ensnare the Ubarana 2


Popular names: ubarana (Southeast), barana, urubaiana-true (Ceará), tubarana, bass-of-the-stone, albarana, lady fish (USA)

Scientific name: Elops saurus

Family: Elopidae, the same as that of the tarpões

Geographical distribution: the species occurs in the Atlantic ocean, in the south of Brazil up the east coast of the USA. That is, it is in all our coast

Where to look for it: it is a kind coastal shallow waters, which prefers the protected waters of the mangrove swamps and bays, particularly the tips of the islands with the current. It is also common in places with rock formations (islands, ledges, and cliffs protected), borders of beaches with slabs and gravel and even on piers and mangroves. Despite being local calm, it is important that you suffer the influence of the tide

Description: his body is long and cylindrical, with a tail forked, which provides great hydrodynamic and speed. The mouth is quite large and articulated, allowing it to swallow prey large, or several at the same time.

Tips and Tricks to Ensnare the Ubarana 3