The Successor Of Lubina GTS

We all now know that the Marine Sports always brings high quality equipment with low cost, we can see that in the Contender line and Lubina, that certainly was the biggest success of Marine Sports, now once again the fisherman Johnny Hoffmann brought us a quality-of-the-art equipment with low cost, launch 2014: the Venator GTS by Johnny Hoffman.

Your side covers and chassis are in carbon, leaving the reel extremely strong and lightweight.
Centrifugal brake external regulator, i.e. it does not come with the magnetic system, and the adjustment is made on the outside, with anchors that are always active, to regulate it is necessary to go by pressing the 0 to 10, brake (with intermediate settings, similar to magnetic) and an edge is touching the edge which can be more clear, or more next, so the reel can be more stuck or loose.
Note: With the reel comes a liquid, which serves to decrease the sound the centrifugal brake fires, if sound bothers you, that’s not oiling, only to avoid the sound of centrifugal brake.
Crank with Infinity-anti-reverse, is made of carbon.
Marinizado aluminum spool, does not rust, no rust, so we can do with this Reel fisheries both at sea, both in the Mangrove, both in Rivers and lakes.
Brake system consists of 3 discs in carbon and Aluminum 3:00 pm, so the drag gets stronger, and with a much better quality.
Titanium coated line guide, for less friction with multifilament lines.
The ability of this reel is line of 135 meters to 40 lbs, a multifilament amount great. For mono lines are 130 metres of 0.30 mm line.
The gauntlets are made in Cork and has an Anatomic design, very similar to the Ocean.
This reel has an advantage of being used in different techniques for different fish and different sizes, as it is lightweight, strong and anatomical.
The price of this reel should oscillate between 400 to 600 reais for the launch.
And soon we will also stick Venator.