The SMIL (Chimaera Monstrosa)

The Tote is a harmless fish, which however has a poisonous spine before their dorsal fin. In practice, the contact with the sting is extremely painful and…

has but usually no serious consequences. Anglers who have caught a SMIL in the fjords of Norway and came with the fish in contact, times report painful bites, or in the worst case of pneumonia. The meat of the SMIL is unsuitable for consumption.

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-Subclass: Holocephali
-Superorder: Holocephalimorpha
-Order: Chimaeras (Chimaeriformes)
-Family: short nose chimaeras (Chimaeridae)
-Genus: Chimaera
-Type: SMIL
-Size distribution: Maximum length up to 1.5 meters, weight approx. 2,5 kg
-the Tote has a sharp spike from the dorsal fin to ward off enemies, which is slightly toxic
-the mouth is strong unterständig with similar teeth as are rodents, the pupils are huge and shimmer Green

-Distribution: Present in the North-East Atlantic, from Norway and Iceland to Morocco, the Azores and Madeira, in the Skagerrak, Kattegat, and in the Mediterranean
-Chimaeras live in depths from 40 up to 1500 meters (usually between 300 and 500 meters) at the bottom of the sea, with their large pectoral fins they move often bouncing across the floor
-Food: Small fish, crustaceans, echinoderms and invertebrate
-Rays place spindle-shaped Eikapseln (16-18 cm long, 3 cm wide), a 3-4 cm long thread that is used for fixing to the ground is located at the top end of the Eikapsel
-the development of the embryo in the dropped egg lasts for several months
-the Cubs are 10 bis11 after hatching cm long
-Rays can reach an age of about 30 years