Tarpon-The Silver Is Worth Gold

As fish of the month we have the Tarpon, the Silver King, considered the genuine trophy, any angler already impressed by the beauty of the heels of Tarpon.
Its beauty is great, your color is silver, with large scales and gleaming. their eyes are large, and the torpedo-shaped body.
Let’s go to the tips!
An effective way to locate the fish is by the Rolling, when he climbs to breathe atmospheric air, which by the way is the only marine fish.

Can also be found on the hunt, they form shoals, preying on smaller fish species, forming a frenzy on the surface, and could even jump out of water.
The Tarpons are found in all the national coast, until in the mangroves.
To talk of the Tarpons, talk about 2 different stages, the Baby and the Tarpons Tarpons adults.

Also called Camurupins, are more common in mangroves and rarely exceed 10 kg, are the offspring of Tarpon, which then leave the mangroves are transformed into Giants with more than 120 kg.
exstem some cases of giant Tarpons that swim to the swamps to hunt, and to reproduce, so we can catch giant specimens there, but we will focus for Baby Tarpons. We can load flush with the roots of trees, in some cases it can get to do the Rolling in the mangrove, preview it, and then throw your bait near it.

The Tarpons are also found in shoals in the middle of the swamp, for this we have to hurl the bait out there, but how do you know if he’s in the middle or in the shallows. by Rolling!!

To catch him use small lures like jigs, shrimp, half water lures with up to 8 cm, prefer smaller prey hunting Tarpons, to hook you, use garateias more strengthened, but stay tuned to balancing the bait should stay the same.
On the fly, we must tie Streamers of up to 10 cm and present the fish with realistic movements and pulls tight.
The equipment must be about 20 to 40 lbs, will depend on the size of fish of the region
To fly a # 08 is enough for a hooked bone in the mouth of efficient Prince.
Don’t forget a fluorocarbon leader or at least 0.60 mm nylon, since your mouth is full of denticles, forming a cutting board and sharp.

In the search for Tarpons adults, she is usually done in the ocean, especially in places like Florida or Costa Rica, but nothing prevents you from going after them here in the brazilian coast, are also found in mangroves, where they reproduce.

To catch them at the bait casting use medium-heavy equipment with low profile reel, with good line capacity and good drag, these reels can be used in fishing for bait casting, with propeller, popper, jig, half water, etc, we can also use them for fishing with trolling jig or bait of dewlap
In trolling the round profile for average fishing are great, use a high-line capacity and drag.
If you like fishing reels, it is mandatory a spool of aluminum and high quality components, use models that behave a lot of line and have a good drag.
So the baits must be of the 30 cm 12 and garateias super-reforçadas, high quality, the smaller models tend to more Tarpon Hunter instinct, because he prefers to hunt small fish, then buy good quality lures and reinforce the hooks.
As you can see, the artificial baits fishing using 30 to 50 lbs equipment
Also in bait casting, multifilament lines are mandatory, because of low thickness, high traction capacity and little elasticity. Choose 30 lines to 45 lbs.
The fluorocarbon leader or nylon must be at least 1 meter and thickness between 0.90 and 1.40 mm, will depend on the violence of the fish.
The rod must be long, at least 2.10 m and have 30 to 50 lbs resistance between, and have high-quality components.
To reach him, use sonar, or watch the water, see if the Tarpons are rising to breathe or hunt, if not, the trolling is the best option, however most of the guides know where the Tarpons accumulate, then having a experienced guide is essential.
Fishing with natural baits on, the set may be more reinforced around 40 to 80 lbs, and the reel must be round profile, the line should be 60 multi to 150 lbs. circular hooks are great, would fit more easily in the fish’s mouth, as well as being more difficult to the fish spit.
The bait can be small, like Mullet, Sardines, Achova, etc.
No fly use sticks of # 10 to # 12 because the cramp is more efficient and provides shorter fights and less tiring, the bait should be small and discreet Streamers, Catapult and slowly with short pulling.
Remember that in any mode, loosen the line during the jump, we have a tip to avoid the giant escape click here and see
now check out a tip for fishing for tarpon!!!!!!
When we fished Tarpons, is common they spit the fly-fishing on the heels, or even in fights, to avoid this, we must use simple hooks on back of bait, this makes a strike more efficient, and prevents the fish escape, but stay tuned to balance the artificial bait.