Tarariras Monte: Difficult But Not Impossible

After years of not seeing the species, Buenos Aires lagoons show hints of recovery. We gather several points of Monte, where which works the fishing has a prize. Note with video.

Return to fish tarariras in Buenos Aires lagoons was a dream that lovers of this type of fishing we deprive for years, after the fateful frost on July 9, 2007 that it grabbed very low lagoons and produced a terrible die-off of the species in most of the provincial marsh areas. Fortunately, nature is slowly doing its job of recovery-since there was no type of replanting of the kind that just now has a glimmer of hope in that regard with the project Hopliass-and today we can venture a summer 2014-2015 where fishing with artificial tarariras can again become a reality. In this context, conduct a thorough tour of the lagoon of San Miguel de el Monte and nearby of the same party of mountain areas, trying to propose fishing opportunities of this species in areas of public access and free, or economic.

This traveled sued several days playing different fields. First, sounded a corner of the lagoon near the Club Las Perdices St. Hubert (Route 3 through scale, 115 Km approximately). Alerted by Cristian Battegazore, owner of the camping of the Bloodhound, we reach the fishing on a warm but cool day where Maxim did not exceed 20 degrees. There we waited next to Roberto García, Phoebe’s Club St. Hubert, who had made a very good fishing three days earlier in a queue of the lagoon located about 500 meters to the right of the fishing vessel. This amateur got taruchas on the fly, but in the same area fishing was very well in spinning, bait cast and with bait, mode engaged by many local fans.

Our visit not bore fruit in that sector, where the tarus conspicuous by their absence. We started to walk to the right, then, testing each water inlet with the own García (that only made attempts at fly) and Roberto Gil, with whom we practice bait cast. We had some erratic attacks, far behind as he passed the lure. And inevitably the sprints is gave up the planterio, so only could use lures with anti-snag, which hindered the riveted in the few accurate attacks. In this context, only Cristian nailed a wading, that after a couple of jumps could disengage and escape. Garcia was bewildered: in the mi smo field where three days earlier had made a feast (and evidently ran the ball because we saw many fans), this time no luck.

But who had it was Facundo Pujol, our colleague, who the same day stayed at Mount laguna. On that day, working the island with Palm trees and felled trees which is 100 meters before the gate by Las Perdices, attained some specimens at the last minute using lures of surface as the classic Heddon Zara Spook and deceptions of midwater, as you spoons traileadas with rubber and a Hot’n Tot tuned with the paddle to 90 degrees and back with rubber legs skirt hook. This successful attempt took him to also visit the mirror the other day, making catches in the early hours of the morning (on a well hot day with temperatures of 25 degrees) and late in the afternoon in the overflow of the Totoral, Brook which taxed water to mount.