Tackle Test: Rod Holdall By Quantum

Freaks fishing Spinning Rod combo, representing a value of 100 euros. But so far in vain looking for matching Rod holdalls. Quantum has almost perfectly solved this problem. It was the tackle-test seal of approval!

Tackle Test Rod Holdall By Quantum
Gushing superlatives go I usually hard on the lips. But in the quantum spin store Rod bag is different. Finally time absolutely practical does anyone have a suitable for case solution for spinning freaks with their Baitcaster-and stationary Reel Combos on the market brought! Finally someone has his head turned and the grey cells carefully strained before producing the part! And finally someone has dared times the dishwater, thereby, seemingly inevitably replace angler-moss-green base colour against an attractive, modern red black colour combination.But check out the pictures – pictures say more than words! Then, you will certainly understand my enthusiasm…

The spin store Rod bag comes with heavy shoulder strap. The material is so easy that it throws the whole package including five rods on the shoulder is totally loose and runs so completely relaxed without collapsing under the weight of a few kilometers to the water. The bag “Swallows” while also one-piece rods up to a length of 2.10 meters.

Tackle Test Rod Holdall By Quantum 2
In the spin store Rod bag, the rods held in place by two straps, wrapped the outside the package.

The area of the spin store Rod bags, where the rolls sit, consists of stretchy stretch neoprene, which adapts to the size of the roller package.
Closed is the spin store Rod bag with a robust, hard-wearing two-way zipper.

Tackle Test Rod Holdall By Quantum 3
In the spin store Rod bag protected rings and blank of each individual rod by an own Rod Sleeve, pulled like a loose sock over the rod. This rods can be accompanied by mounted. Overall the bag picks up five mounted rods including sleeves. The case is so spacious that two additional spare rods are not a problem. The sleeves have a cushioned neoprene handle height. Thus, several rods firmly in a fist can be kept without that damage the sensitive blanks this.