Smooth the Sun on Arroupe

This wonderful species generates true fans, who support soaring temperatures are living on the shores of the Salado River. Gear and tips for a good fishing. Image gallery.

As difficult as compelling, mullet fishing generates true fans, who tend to support high temperatures on the banks of the Salado River. This time the chosen area was the Arroupe fishing. We got in touch with Jorge López – passionate cultor of the species – and coordinate find us at Atalaya, known parador route 2 and famous for their croissants. The appointment was at 9, because according to our host, the smooth not chipped away at early. The fishing is accessed from the Km 162 of the route 2 (on the right coming from Mar del Plata), from which we must travel about 5 km from Earth to the banks of the Salado. The last gate must pay a small fee to enter (pay only those who fish, while the chaperones are free).

The place has about 5,000 meters from coast very suitable for fishing, and in addition to smooth are caught carp, catfish, silverside and, sporadically, a meagre, since in the area they have influences the tides of the Atlantic. Once admitted to the fishing vessel headed to the right, where in recent days had detected a large school of mullet in the area of the mount. As we moved slowly with the car, Jorge took not the view of the water, watching carefully. Until it hit the grito de alto: “Here are the smooth,” said. I really did not see anything, but following his directions I could discover them to water flower. They were hundreds of copies.

Diversity of fishing gear

The anxiety increased when beginning to prepare the equipment. But Jorge us reassured, both Eduardo – my partner’s fishing rod-like me, telling us that we armáramos calm: mullets still would not begin to bite. Years of experience gave certainty to his words.

We decided to place different types of gear to see what more the sponsorship. Jorge opted for a line of three small boyitas I – I of 15 mm diameter in black, with a pointer loaded to be able to throw away (as if for fishing mackerel) and a depth of no more than 20 cm branch line. I opted for an airline of substance with a lead of 40 grams and several short snoods, more a buoy round 40 mm in diameter so keep to the rig perpendicular to the bottom. Finally, Eduardo bowed by a fluke with buoy line tray of anchorage mandale, your lures tied with a long branch line of about 20 cm, without any boyita.

Well throw away

In all three cases, we use the same technique: throw as far as possible the rig since the mullet will always be on the coast opposite to which us placing. It is that you it’s a very sensitive fish noises, and never see it near the shore in which we move and carry out the comings and goings of fishing.

As predicted Jorge, input we captured some smooth but firm pique was between 14 and 15:30. In that time we caught more than 20 copies, with an average that ranged from 800 grams to 1 kilo. Although it was not large ports, all smooth gave hard fight. In the time of pique should be very careful, since the fish takes the bait and drag the buoy in a resolute manner. The buoy then trembles as if they altogether it from below and they could not sink it. Sometimes also produces a Borbollón beside the buoy: is the time for nailing, bringing the cane back and keeping it in that position, because if he gets it is likely that the fish escape. But to have higher chances of success, the most advisable is to hold the rod it more parallel to the water as possible, holding the reel and toe nylon. If using multifilament, better still. The slightest touch or tironcito means that lisa took the bait, so it must drive quickly, otherwise, touch and goes.

It is advisable to carry a bag or network to keep the smooth live in water, choosing at the end of the day the largest, thinking of a gastronomic delicacy and returning the girls to the water. If we return them to the water at the time of fishing them, lisa exits triggered and the school follows her. In that case, it will have to wait a while until the copies be grouped together again.

The most performant deception

The best bait to try with this species is earthworms, but sometimes the disadvantage is that there is much dentuda and mojarras who quickly “clean” hooks. This time it did not happen and we use earthworms seamlessly.

If the problem arises, there are other baits that give very good results, as lisa’s belly and the heart of cow colored red with vanilla flavoring and cut into strips.

The equipment used was a telescopic 4 m, graphite and light, Reed with a little more power than one of silverside, since it is better to have it always at hand to be able to drive rapidamenteante the touch of the lisa. The reel: small, accommodating up to 100 metres of nylon-30. Peroaconsejamos multifilament because better conveys the soft touch of the species. It must also have a good record of Star: feeling stuck, lisa undertakes a fast run and the nylon must be salirlibremente and evenly, since this fish is very fragile.

We must rely on different types of gear because it’s a very changeable in chop fish. In our case, first ran very well the floating line. And then took the palms the anchored chiripa Eduardo completed. Therefore, always observe our colleagues of fishing gear and should change at the right time.

Although the climate play very against and quetentarlas is not nothing easy, mullets are always to give us joy as other species.