Silverside: the Crucial Moment of the Dunk

Keys to make the fish not dislodged from the occurs pique and till the moment of taking it with your hand on the boat.

. In the moment of a pique of silverside, it is common to see many fishermen that dragged very soft cane back and then lower it to check if the fish is nailed. It is a mistake that can cost us dearly.

. It must be very attentive to the nylon, that will have to be very loose or flooded (no flotalineas), and carefully observe the moment in which the silverside displaces the buoy.

. After leaving seconds take the buoy, there is canar back in strong form and then begins to pick up evenly.

. Ultimately, after pull you should never lower the rod to see if it is the fish. If the Silverside is stuck, we will notice it immediately by the curvature of the shank and splashing fish develops on the water.

. Once we arrimamos it to the boat, it is necessary to calculate the distance that lifted chest come and we can hold it comfortably with your free hand. Unless the porte of the silverside forcing us to use I snowflake to make it flush with water.

. If follows picking up until you get to the buoy pilotin and this clashes with the pointer of the shank, assuming that the Silverside is nailed at the mark back, lifted the cane silverside will be very high and will hinder us to take it.