Sea Fishing Pier Heiligendamm (Kuhlungsborn)

The pier of the Ostseebad Kühlungsborn, jutting with 240 meters in the Baltic Sea, is a prominent fishing spot to the catch of fish in the Baltic. From there… are first and foremost, to catch herring and cod flatfish. At the foot of the bridge, the water is good 5 meters deep. Even up to about 9 meters deep are achieved with surf rods through long distance casts.

The top fishing days on the salt water fish are the evening and night hours (also on the day is started). The flatfish and cod bite in the spring well on scraps of herring, Watt and Lake annelid.A delightful fishing is to put it to the cod with spoons or wobblers to tackle. Cod can be caught up to 5 kg and are not uncommon.

There is an interesting area for fishing on sea trout right by the bridge. Known as the Leopard basic, which is equipped with clay soil, holes and herb patch. On the newly built waterfront miles yet plenty of good fishing spots from the shore can be explored by bike. With a boat, you can pilken or drag on sea trout also on cod. In early spring, when the herring gather off the coast, strong sea trout and salmon followed them.

Bait for all fish species for the Baltic Sea can be purchased in the fishing business Michael Lorenz, at the parking lot 8b, 18230 Ostseebad Rerik, phone: 038296-78333, Internet: Our site.