Predators Fishing off The Coast Of Hiddensees

The indicator and plug must not always as bait to serve the sea trout, Pike, or a garfish in the waters…

Hiddensee around to catch. The three robbers trio is to begin in the month of May. Can capital Pike from the boat with big streamers in the lagoon with fly rods of the class be fish 8 to 9. Then strike a major Bodden Pike on a large yellow streamer to the fall line, he can squirt the water just before combat power.

Fishing of Baltic and the Bodden of Rugen
Fishing on Rügen, in the midst of a beautiful landscape, is an Eldorado for lagoon fishing or boat fishing for cod. For anglers, the Cape Arkona is a landmark of Rügen, where are sea trout and salmon fishing. But many other species of fish to catch.

Fishing Cape Arkona on Needlefish
Fishing Cape Arkona out you can fish garfish, directly in front of the cliffs to the known Gellort with the waders on the target fish. With very good luck to catch even sea trout. Sits on streamers and nymphs Unticking the Hornis right front right in the mouth, the lengths of fish over 80 cm are not uncommon.

Fishing off the coast of Rügen to Boddenangler-fishing is well served with the team. Guiding, boats and accommodation can be booked for all seasons on Internet: Our site.