Practice Sport with the Bow Compound Zoros

In addition to being a sport practiced by many athletes, the zoros compound bow brings many benefits for those who wish to practice this type of modality. One of them is associated to concentration.

Several people who joined this type of practice claim to be a great exercise, which has as one of its benefits improve concentration in both the study as at work. With the practice of archery zoros compound, the athlete tends to get more and more expert on the subject.

How to preserve your bow

To preserve any longer your bow and prolong the use of arrows it is recommended to use as target materials with a low degree of hardness. How, for example, wood without fórmicas, lined with suede, sisal among others.

Bow specifications

The zoros compound bow it is made of super flexible and resistant material. Which provides better balance, comfort and safety for you. See below for all the specs of this wonderful arc:

  • Made of polyamide rope;
  • Aluminum catcher;
  • Fiber arc;
  • Weighs 3.1 kg;
  • Its length is 1.16 m
  • Composed of 48 pounds (21.7 kg)

After acquiring the zoros compound bow Note the numerous benefits that this product can provide for your life beyond improved coordination, improving muscle tone and concentration:

  • Self-confidence: this sport teaches you to compete with others and with himself. Still stimulates the overcoming of oneself;
  • Balance: practice this sport helps the athlete to keep your body stabilized while mira to do the firing. Still, the constant practice makes the athlete has better balance while maintaining the concentration in the shot.

Practice today even this beautiful exercise

The regular practice of sports is something extremely important to human muscles. Still, it’s something to relax, as it offers the opportunity to be practiced together with friends and family. So, if you want to know more about arcos, keep watching our communication channels. Also be sure to comment on the texts!