Peacock Bass En-2

Now in the second part of our tutorial of Peacock bass, talk about the Peacock bass, like the Blues, yellows, butterfly etc.
These Peacock bass have been introduced in various places of Brazil and in the U.S.
Not reaching more than 6 kg, these Peacock bass make the party of many fishermen anywhere.
Generally have a much more “aloof” behavior that the Amazon Peacock bass, refuge in closed forests, and in structures such as branches, seaweed, rocks, etc. to hide from predators and ambushing their prey and in the breeding season, have their eggs. deposit where.

These species of Peacock bass usually when we were small, we can call them “attacks” as they may attack artificial lures of your own size, with more than 3 kg are more attacking smaller baits, but sly doesn’t mean they can attack surface lures on hot days with the ferocity of their Amazonian relatives.

Very well let the Junk:
The sticks must have between 5.6 to 6 feet and take quick action to surface and natural baits, and moderate action for soft-baits and jigs.your libragem may have between 12 to 20 lbs, depending on the species, choose graphite models that are lighter and have designed for artificial lures
The lines should have libragem of 20 to 30 lbs and can be, but with multifilament, monofilament leader, or with monofilament leader thicker gauge.
The leader is required, to give better presentation to artificial and natural bait, and can if nylon or fluorocarbon, and be tied to the line for an amendment
The reel is faster and lighter than the reels, and by the way are better for artificial lures, reels micro the 2000 has a good line capacity and good drag, and slower shutter speed, being ideal for natural baits, or artificial light fishing.

In fly fishing,
The sticks must have #7 to #8 and have fast action
The reels should be compatible sticks.
The lines can be weight foward (floating) for surface lures, and drop offs for bait, and a monofilament leader.
The bait most commonly used, are 6 to 10 cm of streamers.

But folks, please, preserve, don’t shoot too much, kill what you can eat and not to waste, don’t kill to show as a trophy.

If you have any doubt about the Peacock bass, leave us comments, our team will respond with the greatest pleasure, but do not forget.


Canne MEGABASS Salamandia SLM66MH 1m98 up to 28gr

Canne MEGABASS Salamandia SLM66MH 1m98 up to 28gr