Opinion About Gloves Rapala

Today we leave aside the rods, reels and lures, and we go by fishing gloves. Because they are very important for sport fishing.

Some time ago my sister and my brother-in-law gave me one of these, which seemed to me to be super great, there is nothing better than one give away some gloves for fishing, but they are the Rapala brand more.

It is true that these things from fishing brand helps a lot, especially when most of the equipment are made in Asia (I don’t know where these gloves were manufactured), but the truth is that there are manufacturers who care much where they put their brand, and Rapala is one of them.

Not extend much my opinion because there are few things that I have to say, few but good.

Rapala gloves will fit super hand, are exceedingly comfortable. When I used them had my doubts because I am not loving to use any type of glove because many are uncomfortable and difficult to manipulate the rigs, but this was not the case.

Gloves shave it are built in fabric and the part of the Palm boasts a latex that prevents fish with sharp teeth, spines and hooks to cause injuries. The grip is excellent. The only reason why some fishermen, in my opinion, would be uncomfortable is because they are not water-proof (I don’t think that imported many fishermen much this, but worth the penalty to write down it).

I recommend it?

Yes, I recommend it. They are cheap and meet their work. Gloves at the end after, good, but fishing gloves.


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