Marine Sports-Monofilament Line Vexter

At the request of a friend who is interested in the product I’m going to do a sample of what the line Vexter Marine Sports is able as it is common to all fishermen in various modes and also feel a lack in analysis.
This line is available in spools of 100 meters and 600 meters.
The of 100 meters range from 0.28 mm to 0.52 mm.
The 600 metres of range from 0.28 mm to 0.91 mm.

It is also available in green color.

The first notable feature in this line is that it is more opaque than others because the line have a layer of fluoride which guarantees more resistance to abrasion.

Use and applications
By fishermen that line is used mainly for cevadeiras buoys whips, I also use it for this task, although also the use in 0.52 mm model for Redtail catfish.

I can’t say if the diameter of the line matches the reality, but the reels of line around all of them has a diameter very similar then it is almost certain that this line matches the diameter. informed.

Tensile strength
I tested a 0.52 mm line and your informed resistance was 49 lbs (22 kg) but she endured a direct physical pull of exactly 19 kg (42 lbs) after that the line broke. But don’t condemn this line because of that, because 19 kg is good size and still raise the weight directly, not just any 0.50 mm line to hold, so I wouldn’t say that this is a problem.

Is a wide reel that hinders the formation of memory, just that I had the misfortune to buy a reel that was cracked, I don’t know if that ever happens, but I think it was because of charging, which sometimes may have fallen or because of the pressure of the line on the edges of the reel, and this can cause wear and even cut the line if there is a sharp or cutting part , but it didn’t happen to me, it was just a bit that didn’t affect anything.

One thing that I thought bad of this line is the memory, she has a very high memory, today the technology left mono lines with memory virtually zero, and this line still has this problem.

Resistance to abrasion
It’s amazing the resistance to abrasion of this line, very good for whips, because for that line from the nuisance fish will have a lot of work, and even more with a fluoride layer that ensures abrasion resistance this line fits nicely in fishing for large fish and fishing of leather round.

She also has UV resistance, this helps in time of daytime fishing in fishing grounds on the surface and increases your durability.

According to Marine Sports that line is manufactured in Japan, where there are more advanced technologies for fishing line.

Final word
Totally recommend this line, for main line like whips the reel, great for the round at the bottom and fishing with whip in ball and great for catfish fishing as the main line. approved and recommended.