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Enjoy a fishing trip on the Kasilof River with All Time Fishing.


Captain Alex Fulks will meet you at the Kasilof River with all the gear, equipment, tackle, and bait to take you on a trip through the river’s beautiful and varied fishing. 

The boat you’ll be using is a driftboat that can accommodate up to 4 anglers. Want a private trip? Call to ask about reserving the whole boat!

On the Kasilof River, you can catch King Salmon, Red Salmon, Silver Salmon, Pink Salmon, or Rainbow Trout, depending on run time. See our Species page to learn more about the various types of fish you can catch during your trip. To attract your targets, you can troll or spin, both light and heavy tackle will be used. We also use a Fish Finder on board in order to quickly locate your prey. You’re free to keep the fish you catch and take it home. If you choose keep your catch, Captain Alex can clean and fillet it at no extra charge.


A valid Alaska fishing license is required for your trip, so make sure to bring one, as well as any food and drinks you like.


All Time Fishing is waiting for you, join in and create memories on the lovely Kenai River today!

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