How to Withstand the Climatic Conditions During Fishing

When the fishing is bad and besides that the day does not accompany we know that it is when we suffer most from the inclemencies of the time, when there is a bite it stops us nothing but when there is not, the cold, the wind and the rain become torture. No one goes fishing and he sits in the car waiting for the pique, although there is no activity we are next to our reeds, for this we will list some tips that may be useful.

How to Withstand the Climatic Conditions During Fishing

Let’s start with the cold:

The clothes are extremely important. Prepare the tops and pants that will keep you warm when fishing.  At HOTICLE.COM, there are thermal pants for you to choose. What suffers the most are our hands by the constant contact with water and the fact of not being able to wear gloves constantly because we must incarnate and take the fish we catch.

Our best ally is fire, but if we do not carry firewood one tends to resign ourselves and forget about it, the ideal is once we launch our rods to make a tour of the area looking for branches dry grass, dry thistles, everything that is useful wood of burn. Remember that we do not seek to make a huge fire that we had not taken into account in the organization of the trip, but a small fire that consumes little fuel and helps us warm our hands.

Some items that we can always carry in our backpack or our fishing box are.

If in the cold the day adds wind, the panorama gets worse but there is always how to improve the problem a little.

Before launching our gear we look for a place with some natural repair, some big tree, barren shrubs pajonales, also if we mobilize in car we can place it in such a way that it works as repair.

As another great friend of the fisherman will know, it is some kind of drink that helps us warm up the body (Let’s face the alcoholic beverage), coffee, tea or the inevitable bitter mates. But we do not always carry a bottle warmer or we are not always close to the car to find a place with repair, so in our backpack we can carry items with which to heat water to take something hot such as.

Alcohol heater.

And if it happens that the worst weather situation occurs and starts to rain is good to have some canvas with which we can make an improvised roof or a water equipment (waterproof suit), today you can get the type Disposable come in a bag, are very cheap, occupy very little space and believe me, if it rains and they are fishing they will not want to get wet and much less leave.


Herbivores of the Kalahari

Herbivores of the Kalahari