Harriers of No Less Than 600g

The Seagull are huge specimens, which are noted for their good figure and weight that never fell for that value. Image gallery.

Julito, have a capful of roast, homemade sausage and a piece of vacuum to pull grilled beyond the lagoon, want to come to fish it? I can assure you that there are some huge! silverside “.” Thus began the talk with Don Jorge, responsible for the Gull Lake.

Really not knowing mirror care call surprised me, and soon I started to assemble the Group swift departure to San Cayetano, Buenos Aires city where this small and wonderful water mirror is located with optimum conditions to achieve a very important fishing in quality, with mackerel that almost never descend from 600 grams.

We can anticipate that the lagoon is not easy at this time of the season, but the sacrifice in pursuit of a good fishing is well worth every one of the kilometers to get there.

Early hours

Early arrived at the town of San Cayetano, who welcomed us warmly with a sunny morning, low temperature and the usual tranquility of the place. We bought some drinks and ice to accompany the promised barbecue and toured the last kilometres of the road until you reach the gate of access to the countryside, where we already expected to Don Jorge with his truck and one of their occurrences: “desperation made them sleep in che camp, look the Silversides will not go!”. Greetings from rigor, and promptly entered the venue to begin to prepare boats and all our fishing.

We put an electric motor and another explosion of 5 HP (allows only up to 10 HP and you must navigate by regulating) in boats and leave them ready to start loading the stuff.

To test in the Seagull, we must bring two distinct teams for comfortable fishing. One consisting of a rod long (up to 4 m) for use in the clearings, with three buoys floating lines. And the other with a rod of up to 3 m for fishing raneando among the reeds with a paternoster line.

Teams must be composed of tip action preferably telescopic rods, reels front guys with capacity for 100 m of nylon or multifilament, floating lines of two or three buoys that we use without drive boyon. We will determine the length of snoods in the fishing, once we see how deeply managed to greater activity. And the hooks should not be very large due to the Smallmouth that have these silverside: using buttonhole N ° 1 or 1/0 reaches us.

Also with paternoster

The lagoon has good depth and will allow us to also fish paternoster with lines of type. We know that the Seagull pays exceptionally, but has many gambarrusa that prevents us from work well in various sectors. However, the paternoster can not miss our fishing tackle box.

All this we must add to Snowflake and a good supply of bait, where it will be inevitable the live Minnow and salt. By the dentudos do not worry: there are many in the lagoon and get fresh bait in the place.

We carry everything in boats and dividing us into two groups, went out to walk by different sectors, although they did not show differences used to know where the school is moving.

The Seagull is a gap girl, that does not exceed the 50 hectares, but comprised of dozens of minipesqueros composed of walls of reeds, gambarrusa soles and holes between the thickness of the juncal, etc.

Taking advantage of the wind that drove it from North to South, we are inclined to start fishing in the spring. So we could enter vessels trying to not make too much noise with engines nor oars.

It was in this way that we spotted a first clearly amongst the reeds, and passing a few meters, turn off the engine to drift.

We support the pot against a part of the wall of rushes, tying us to them, calculating that we cast our lines into the rushes across the street.

Taking maximum precautions at the launch to not engage us with the reeds in our back, we put the lines attached to the pasture, where they instantly sank three buoys. First canazo of the day and nothing: flew by air line completely bare.

See show

Return to incarnate with a single tuba, and second pique was a great silverside, swimming in the thickness, it entangled us line and we had to move to get it. We started badly but we had intact hope to overturn the situation.

We spotted another clearly water and did the same maneuver. But this time we use the floating lines for fishing in the open and a paternoster for leave it among the reeds. After a few minutes, the buoy in the middle of Lepi moved with the characteristic form of silverside. Canazo accurate, but was not peje: a good dentuda had taken FR the bait.

We changed the length of snoods, and consulting with Mauro and Leo Altieri, two of my colleagues of fishing, realized that the best responses were given in snoods of 35 to 45 cm. It was noon, the hour in which we had arranged with Don Jorge eating promised, to enter again in the afternoon out. The summary of the morning was positive, with several catches that big 800 grams of very vigorous and combative silverside.

We finished lunch on the banks of the lagoon and along with the Manager of the place boarded our boat to go out and take another sector of the Seagull, with the firm intention of try a little more line paternoster.

We were looking for some clear among the rushes. Thus we reach a sector of ralos reeds, extremely suitable for test mode raneando, i.e., placing the paternoster between pastures.

The first responses gave them enormous and “dientudos” catfish toads, until a white espumon, after an accurate nailed, showed us a wonderful exemplary silverside of almost 1 kg of weight, fat, vital and wanting to not indulge in so easy.

Already there was little of the day and we decided to look for a sector where fish both float and line paternoster. And on the bottom of the lagoon, we find something that seduced us and we could stop there.

The high reeds braking a little wind and the water was more pitched than in other strips of mirror. It was there where we live the best time of the day, with several consecutive piques float and some more spaced with the line that caught at depth. All silverside ranging from 600 grams to 1 kilo of weight. A day where there were no juvenile specimens to the 45 cm. a luxury!

When we arrived at La Gaviota, one the participants of the tour told me: “Do to this pond I reference to fish?”. And when it ended the day he told me: “the charquito was made an ocean fishing!”.