Great White Shark An Enrichment of Our Oceans

The great white shark is the largest predatory fish in the world and throws ever primordial in the people. Divers watch the giant predatory fish most of the time only from diving cages out and have great respect for this animal species threatened with extinction. There’s only…

A few divers who dare without any protection to dip on par with the white shark. The great white shark is a shy sea creatures, which avoids people as possible, which also does not fit into its scheme of prey. The great white shark has a bad reputation through dissemination of horror movies, which is however not justified by its peaceful conduct in the ecosystem. White sharks occur singly, in pairs or in larger groups to different seasons in the world’s oceans.

Profile white shark (Carcharodon carcharias)
-the great white shark has an average length of about four to five metres (max. 8 m) and is life expectancy of fish with the largest shark species (length of the females up to 5 metres are smaller than males), up to 80 years
-the weight is up to three and a half tons
-the great white shark has a stout spindle-shaped body with conical running to and blunt ending snout with a pointy sharp teeth, the transition to the head is completely small black eyes, no visible pupils, small nostrils invisibly,
-5 pronounced Gill slits, pointed to the sickle-shaped pectoral fins and dorsal fin, a crescent-shaped and symmetrical caudal fin, which serves as a drive, the tips of the pectoral fins are usually black
-Color of the body is also blue Brown gray, the belly is white in colour
-the great white shark because of the flashy belly colouration has received his name, he owes the reputation as a killer machine Hollywood, Steven Spielberg’s cinema blockbuster “JAWS” made him the object of hate.

Habitat great white shark
-the global oceans and the Mediterranean Sea are
Great white shark reproduction
-It is not researched and little known. The females bring live births (presumption of pregnancy approximately 12 months) up to about ten boy out and probably thereby removing their own kind.
Food great white shark
-a predator, the prey are based on size and age of the fish. Small young sharks feed on small fish and squid. Adults hunt big fish, seals, porpoises, dolphins and other species of sharks.