Golden and Silverside in Ramallo

The Paraná de las Palmas surprised with specimens large and fighters, worthy of that river again. Image gallery.

The city of Ramallo is located on the right bank of the Parana River, in deltaic section, on the southernmost arm, known as the Paraná de las Palmas, which bathes the Buenos Aires River coast. Its town centre offers an important infrastructure mini-tourism, wide variety of nautical sports practice-oriented and to what us us interests, it sport fishing, which can try coast, onboard or in the area of Islands.

Traveling from the city of Buenos Aires is accessed to Ramallo for route 9. After 206 km, we turn right at the junction of route 51 and from there to the coast of the river is 8 km. After receiving an invitation from Daniel Fernández, owner cabins Lomas de Ramallo complex, the idea was try with gilding, pejerrey and the varied, which is very good, and that at this time of the year to capture armed, attractive catfish and large paties, besides various minor species.

We arrived in the area on Friday, May 17 early. As the temperature was very low, we hope to try the Golden noon, thinking that at that time the weather would be warmer and have higher chances. With very cold, these hunters fish is numb and reduce your food activity, so it is difficult that they bite.

The cold commands

Past noon the temperature had increased. The day was very nice and had many possibilities to capture some gold.

The advantage of acting in this area is that you there to sail far to find the places of fishing: at 13:30 we were in the first chosen fishing. We started with artificial attempts, but after several sets without pique some decided to test with bait. Using small eels ingrown with one or two passes by the hook, we have several attacks but we were able to finish positively no capture.