Fishing on The Oder In Channels And Polder Waters

At the or level at Schwedt, there is a large polder area with many lakes and canals, where you can catch many fish species. Good fishing on…

With the or should be giant catfish in the channels combined. If Stützkow and Criewen several Groyne fields with deep pools and junctions of locks ditches, where catfish anglers get their money on two kilometers.

Is can only defeat heavyweight catfish if it requires new power bursts. A big catfish stubbornly blocks on the ground, the cord must be kept always tight and no acts of violence may be initiated. So as a large giant resumes driving, is insisted when taut cord several times vigorously on the rod. The catfish flees again, the fight can take hours up to the task of the fish. The best catfish fishing months are from May to October. Most fish (60%) are captured in late in the evening (20% early in the morning or a day).

Cover rich waters are important for catfish
The cat loves slowly flowing. loamy and deep waters, which give him ample opportunities to cover. Overhanging banks, sunken wood, shallows and Reed Islands offer him shelter. Most slowly flowing water with depths of 5-10 meters comfort him, as for example the Danube, Weser and Elbe has such places. Strong warming in the spring, during the spawning season, and in warm summer months the Catfish is in 2-to 3-meter-deep water. Catfish like to stay in groups and accordingly expect quite a bite with other clutches in the same place.

The device for heavy catfish
-a strong carp or Pike rod
-a large stationary role as possible with low translation
-at least a 50 cord
-a lead of 80 grams and the approx. 40 cm long Kevlar rig a stable line Vortex Tönnchen
-Hook size 1/0 or 2/0, which is equipped with a Tauwurmbündel (8 to 12 copies)
-in the mean sea level, also a handlanges Roach can be offered
-very humid summer days also a one-piece or two-piece lure begins well, when are the catfish near the surface to search for food, the lure is run flat and lively

Fishing in the or current for a predatory fish
Many cyprinid species are represented in the or, that all the fish can be. ASP and Chub are the most common predator. You can outsmart the ASP with the spinner. To start the Chub is primarily with coarse bait. To defeat the Pike on foot by pushing a bait fish on the edge of the flow along. Eel you can heave the predator with ordinary weight is between two to four pounds ashore.

Guest anglers, day and weeks fishing permits for the Oder, polders and channels can be purchased.