Fighters and Robust Silverside

The huge specimens of the Uruguay River are a constant promise of good fighting on more than one occasion. Image gallery.

A few days before the arrival of the cold, temperature increase was still rising and the desire to find a good fishing also. Although the conditions were not that encourages fishing for Silversides manual, entering the first part of the season wavered enthusiastic fishermen.

So we set up an output to Nueva Palmira, Uruguayan town located on the banks of the Uruguay River. The area has excellent strategic points of fishing, mouths of rivers, shores of reeds-based and a very deep channel where the veriles have a marked difference of water currents.

Same front to Nueva Palmira port there are several mouths of rivers flowing and deep, including the Bravo and Gutierrez, who pour their waters in the Uruguay, and the Sauce, mixing between the waters of the Uruguay and the Rio de la Plata.

In all these mouths we will find various possibilities for fishing. And in each we will have to develop different techniques for garetear in the best possible way on banks of sand, small tributary streams and thick shores of reeds. There is also the current own inner channels, we will do navigate untidy over the biggest runway.

To not move us in the wrong form, techniques of hell we can correct a layer anchor or an extra (dead) weight only when we move on a Bank of sand in sectors of high currents.