European Sprat a Nutzfisch

The sprat (called also brisling, Sprott and Breitling), is one of the main food of Cod and is a type of herring, in large…

Live schools. The small fish are found especially in fjords and nearby coastal waters. Sprat feed on zooplankton and are important forage fish for many predatory fish species in the sea.

The small sprats have a high fat content and are of great economic importance. The smoked Kiel sprat are quite known for human consumption.

Fact sheet sprat
-Cohort: Otomorpha
-Order: Clupeidae (Shad)
-Submission: Clupeoidei
-Family: Herrings (Clupeidae)
-Species: Sprat (Sprattus)
-Type: European sprat (Sprattus sprattus)

-Size: Length up to approx. 16 cm
-the body is spindle-shaped, the sides and the belly are silvery in colour
-the back is blue to blue-grey, the mouth is remarkably with
-the Schwazflosse is clearly forked
-the fish can reach an age of about six years
-Distribution: Atlantic, North – and Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea
-Food: Full-blown sprat feed mainly on zooplankton, the juveniles particularly by diatoms
Reproduction sprats
-the fish spawn in coastal zones
-a female (Rogner) emits about eggs 6000 up to 14,000 for spawning, which puts it at a water depth of 10 to 20 meters, the spawning floats in the water and is fertilized by the Milchnern
-After about a week the larvae hatch (approximately 4 mm in size) and reach sexual maturity at the age of two