Dog Shark Fishing In The North Sea of Heligoland off

The fishing season on the dog sharks in the North Seato Helgoland around starting mid-June.The small shark species (about 2 metres long, torpedo-shaped body) is very shy and the fishing line fish are tenacious fighters. The dog sharks have a rough skin and the back has the color between gray and pale grey-brown. The flanks of the robbers are dirty white, as also the entire abdominal section.

Some captains of Börtebooten offer of Heligoland, the fishing trips to the nearby fishing grounds. The best baits, are mackerel pieces to best the head with scent strong guts because to get the sharks on the hook. Also before the well-known manufacturer reef shark is found. With fishing boats, you can also go from the port of Emden or Borkum Harbour directly to the deep sea fishing. From mid-October, the predators leave the area off the coasts of Heligoland.

Fishing dog sharks off Borkum
Has the water approx. Mid-June to about 13 degrees heat, the first dog sharks to Borkum around arrive. The robbers look pretty threatening, but among the shy representatives of shark species. The shark reaches a length of about 2 meters and calls off his power a lot an angler.Making the shark from the rear to the front with your hand, it feels as if it passes over sandpaper. The Emden outer harbour or Borkum directly, you can fishing boats that go out to the famous fishing grounds book.

Angel Assembly for dog sharks
That can very easily be: main line, run lead or gliders for lead attachment, stop er bead diameter 6 to 8 mm carabiner stronger, Eddy, a steel leader of about 1.50 meters of length and minimum capacity of 25 kg, eye hook of size 6/0-8/0