Concordia: Keys to the Exclusion Zone

Some important tips to give with the exceptional gold offering this strip of the Uruguay River.

Since quite some time now, the myth of the forbidden gave way to reality and legality of a fishing vessel without equal. For the Golden lover, to be sharing a day of fishing within the zone of exclusion in the Salto Grande dam is comparable with a goal from Messi to Brazil in the final of the World Cup. But not everything is so easy in this fishery. Here we provide some details to not fail in the attempt. Before it is worth to remember that you can only be fishing with artificial and required the return of gold with life.

. We will not always find fishing at the same depth, so we must take all the lures that we can with the intention of covering all of the probable chances:

. Surface lures, poppers and passers-by to test well above surface.

. Subsurface lure to work them in zigzagging between the stones, at one depth of no more than 30 cm.

. Half palette right or shallow water lure to act up to 2 m depth.

. Lure depth that will allow us to scratch the bottom to cause Giants pique.

. The team is variable, but with a single common to all Datum: should be strong.

. To work with the lure of surface and subsurface it is convenient to use rather short, up to 2 m rods, to safeguard the lure in its entire course without tiring us too.

. For the lure of mid-water and deep, up to 2.25 m rod is ideal. Always speaking on powers of 20 to 30 pounds.

. The reels can be Rotary or low profile, loaded with no less than the 50-pound multifilament.

. Other important accessories are the nylon, fluorocarbon, leaders of bogagrip, steel, glasses and gloves.

With these details to good shelter, not to miss the opportunity to visit this paradise of el dorado.