Cod Fever-Adventure On The High Seas

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TV-Angel Tip: first broadcast by SWR on the 09.03.2010 22:30
A reportage (30 minutes) by Carsten Rau and Hauke Wendler.

The rod bends through powerful, in the dark waters of the Baltic Sea a bright spot is to recognize that bigger is – a big cod. “If as a Cod bite, this is to compare with any other fish!”, enthuses Kalle Summer

anglers. Summer is 20 sport comrades from the angling Club of ‘ the e. V friends of channel.’ on the railing of the boat ‘MS Blauort’ next to it. Who once had a large cod on the hook, the fever never let go the.

Baltic Sea boat anglers on it put out weekend after weekend sea to catch cod. Egbert Jasper, the captain of the ‘MS Blauort’, has 30 years of professional fishing on the seas of Northern Europe behind. Meanwhile, he organised fishing trips and has fun doing it: “If a fisherman catches a cod, then he looks always, if the captain has also seen it. Because it’s just a feeling of happiness.”

But the happiness is becoming less and less. For years, cod catches in the Baltic Sea are declining. There are hardly any large specimens. In the Salon the ‘MS Blauort’, beer and cigarettes, is quickly identified the culprit: “This is clearly overfishing”, says Kalle Summer. “The professional fishing comes with its trawl nets and modern equipment. The swarms are systematically approached and captured, because the fish have no chance.”

Over several weeks, authors Carsten Rau and Hauke Wendler have accompanied the men from the Kiel fishing Club ‘The e.V. friends of channel’: at sea, at the home of the often annoyed wives and in the Ballroom at the big club ceremony with Polonaise. And always it went for the angler to a theme: the cod fishing, the fever of the hunt and the hope that the swarms come back, just like in the old days.