Check Out the Type of Fishing Allowed During the Piracema

In the lakes of the hydro power Plants of the Paraná river is allowed the angler amateur fishing 10 kg of fish a copy, of fish non-native and exotics such as peacock bass, curvina, piggy, tilapia, catfish, african, etc., only in the lakes of the hydro power Plants of the Paraná River (not to other rivers in the basin).

Check Out the Type of Fishing Allowed During the Piracema

The angler must adhere to 1,500 meters of distance of the dams from the mills. The professional fisherman, fishing for the same fish species, there is no quota limit, however, can only use spinning reels and linhadas hand. The subsistence fisheries is also allowed.

In the Basin of the Paraguay, will be permitted only in the subsistence fisheries for the resident to riverside. Noting, that people who live in cities bordering not permitted to fish. Fishing for subsistence is for the maintenance of life, that is, for people that rely on that protein to survive. Can capture 3 kg, or a copy, may not commercialize in any way.

From 1st of February 2017 open to fishing in the modality catch release in the bed (Trough) of the Paraguay river, extending until February 28, when from midnight , 1st of march the fishing will be open again.


• The sport loaded and unloaded:
• Modality landed and using the line of the hand, cane, rod with spinning reel or the reel, with the use of natural baits and artificial.
• Professional fisherman does not have limit to capture exotic species, non-native and hybrids, except Piauçu.
• Fisher amateur with a quota of 10 pounds a copy, considering the same species that are allowed for the professional fisherman.
• Professional fishermen and amateurs the transport of fish by boat only in places that a boat fishing is allowed.
• The fish from locations with the closure period differential or other countries and is accompanied by the proof of origin.

Note: The second business day after the start of the season is the maximum period for declaration to the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) or state organ competent of fish stocks.


  • Fishing for all the categories and modalities:
    I – In the marginal lakes;
    II – less than 500 metres from the confluence and river mouths of rivers, lagoons, channels and pipes of the sewer;
    III – Up to 1500 meters upstream and downstream of waterfalls, rapids, dams, reservoirs and mechanisms of transposition of a fish (the ladder).
    • Use of piers or floating platforms of any nature.
    • Fishing underwater
    • Use of materials drilling, such as: harpoon, slingshot, gaff and jib.
    • Use of aquatic animals, including fish, shrimp, snails, crabs, live or dead, whole or in pieces as bait. (Exception: fish natives, from creation, accompanied by the invoice or note from a producer).
    • The holding of championships of fishing, such as: tournaments, championships and competitions. (Does not apply to fishing competitions in reservoirs using the capture of non-native species, exotic and hybrid).
    • Capture, transport and storage of species native to the Watershed of the Paraná River, including species used for ornamental purposes, and aquarium.