Ballast EVO: A Lead For Multiple Situations

One of the big doubts in time to prepare the Assembly for fishing surf casting is the weight of the ballast that can be used. In many of our outputs of fishing time, tides, waves, and even the wind varies constantly, this makes us change of lead and tackle to better adapt to the situation. From Caperlan put us the easier task thanks to its new product innovation Ballast Evo.

He is a prepared to vary your weightlead, we went from 90 grams to 170 in just a few seconds. We can find different models, such as the lance classic and the disengaged. Shaped aerodynamics to facilitate its penetration air and get a good hidrodinanismo to be sink quickly.

It is a lead that reduces the impact on the environment and us fishermen, thanks to its ecological design made with 0% lead.

No doubt for those days that we want to optimize the time and get good results the Ballast Evo will be a Quick and effective solution. Also do not have to suffer if it could be removed in the air is 100% safe and even powerful lances to OTG.

Create a lead that varies its weight without changing it to been a wise decision by Caperlan, a principle may seem cumbersome, complex or even some sure, but after a few tests and a few hours in the water you realize that these ante a great solution to changes that may have the stage during the day of fishing.

It is easy, simple to use and allows you to find the exact weight required by the situation, but its size is more big than normal and this may be a difficulty to get a greater distance for lovers of long hauls.

It is your choice, and you know that for any query, you serve in comments. A greeting!