Alsina Stung on Tip

Very good start to season in the laguna Alsina. Silverside of attractive ports and large number of shafts. Gallery.

Sergio Taha is an expert in the area of Guaminí and an excellent fly fishing guide. For this reason, when we receive your invitation, we knew that the good results would be guaranteed. In addition, Sergio has soul of master, so share a boat with him is always learning something new in this world of rods and reels.

Guaminí party are several loopholes that made the delight of fishermen in the past. We can mention of del Monte, El Venado and Cochicó. But this time we opted for Alsina, presenting a large flow as opposed to the other, with little water and tiny fishing.

We leave very early from the lagoon of Cochicó, which offers very good accommodation, towards the Alsina, and there embarked in the fishing pool. Alsina has an elongated format, about 13 km of extension and a surface area of approximately of 7,200 hectares, with an average depth of 2.50 m. Around the perimeter there are many inputs, bays and islets, strategic places to try fishing for Silversides.

Embarked when the wind was moderate, and the Guide advised to try with the anchored boat. The idea was to test different rigs, since here the Silverside is very changeable: where a line runs, two metres beyond does not provide any results.

Very effective versatile. As we sailed we could distinguish the bubbling at the sides of the boat, which heralded an excellent day. Having arrived at the venue, we disembark with two anchors to work more comfortable. On board were four fishermen: Gabriel, Eduardo, Sergio and myself.

I bent by a paternoster and colleagues used line versatile (see drawing), a rig of two buoys which consists of a pointer type armed paternoster, with a long branch line, in this case of 2.50 m, and a small lead intern three grams. In this piece of nylon are placed three or four hooks tied to the thread or attached with microesmerillon. This buoy is assembled between slip knots to vary the depth. Back, that is the closest to the fisherman, can be one me – me girl or a pacifier, with the addition of a rotor I – I who allow increase or shorten the depth to which working hooks.

With the lines in the water, the emergence of the Silversides was swift: they were of good size, between 30 and 35 cm, and children devolvíamos them to the water. The versatile were all palms. My three companions did not let fishing, always in greater depth ganging.

Change of place to see if we were with larger fish, moving about 1,000 m. At that site the paternoster was more performant rig, with a significant amount of catches below the meter of depth. However, the porte of the Silversides was the same.

As the wind had decreased its intensity, we decided to garetear. We balance the scroll speed of the boat leaving an anchor being dragged by the Fund, giving more or less metres out as necessary, and buoys began to move correctly.

In this mode there to accommodate the rod parallel to the surface of the water and have the pick up of the open reel nylon out without pulling. You can use nylon or multifilament floating, but if the wind is strong the best use Nylon with flotalineas, since it sticks better to the water and flies less. It moves either side or form bellies that generate clutter. The line should always come perpendicular to the boat, and will need to correct this with small movements of the toe of the cane.

Good gold brooch. The sprints continued to be similar. But as the wind increased, anchor again, although closer to the coast, because we needed a repair for convenience. The guide helped Gabriel choose the site to make the last attempt. The young distinguished Hemlocks sticks and there we move. It was a success.

Again the resentments were immediate. Both the versatile and paternoster had lot of work, although the latter were unbeatable, even with several Doublets. The most effective baits were the mojarra, threaded tail to head and leaving free the tip of the hook, and the Steak of dentuda, which not should stay long in the water because it was laundered and lost effectiveness. When silverside took had to give time to eat and to do a good led to then paste cana hit. The season is only beginning, but Alsina already stood in the honor box.