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Fishing in Africa

As fishing in African countries is becoming more and more popular, we are listing the most popular locations for your reference.

Fishing in Africa

  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe
  • Lake Nassar, Egypt
  • Lake Victoria, Kenya
  • Luana, Angola
  • Mauritius
  • Mombasa, Kenya
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania

As a matter of fact, the earliest forms of fishing happened in Africa.

Top 10 Fishing Sites in Latin America

South America holds detached stretches of water covering broad areas of tropical and chilly water, and also immaculate waterways and lakes. While a significant part of the Northern Hemisphere is in peril from overfishing, South America remains moderately sound. Everything from remote ocean to fly angling is getting it done here. Quite a bit of Patagonia is so remote thus segregated that few have the opportunity to make it there, however those that do are compensated with the world’s best fly angling easily. In the wildernesses waterways and tidal ponds of Central America there are incredible cabins and untamed life, as well as record breaking calculating. Here are 10 most popular countries in South America.


  1. Amazon Basin, Brazil
  2. Cabo Blanco, Peru
  3. Coiba, Panama
  4. La Mosquitia, Honduras
  5. Los Roques, Venezuela
  6. Northern Patagonia, Chile
  7. Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
  8. RioColorado, Costa Rica
  9. The Cayes, Belize
  10. Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
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