A Complete Guide to Unveil the Correntino ParanÁ

The great Argentine River was relieved by the magazine, in search of the best places to enjoy your free time. Fishing, guides, accommodations and all necessary data in this note. Image gallery.

Esteros del Ibera

Distances: city of Buenos Aires, 710 km; Rosario, 705 km; Santa Fe, 530 km; Cordoba, 830 km.

Opinion of the guides

“Fishing in the Esteros del Iberá is el dorado in crystal clear waters with light equipment of spinning and fly fishing, with many opportunities for fishing on fish seen. The use of canes 7 and 8 is recommended, as well as floating and sinking lines. The traditional estrimerespara fishing in the sea and the deceivers of black, purple, chartreuse and white complete the required equipment. A tipicodia of fishing in spring starts in the morning from 8 to 12; then the fishing continues in the afternoon from 15:30 to 19:30. All fishing is done with catch and release.” (Vicente Lorente, Ibera Lodge).

Tourist attractions

The esteros del Ibera have two well-defined doors for tourism: the southern section, Mercedes and, for the North, Carlos Pellegrini, although there are also access led to a stay in particular by other points, such as Concepción or Itá Ibaté. From Mercedes, stays offer, unlike other places, sport fishing, as the quenutren to the current River lagoons, where there is gold, Bogue and sampedros are. Ademaspuede meet the livestock activity of these establishments and practice watching alligators, monkeys and Capybaras, as also diving-taking advantage of the transparency of the water. For fishing, the good unicaepoca is the height of summer. Between Mercedes and estuaries Gil, whose feast day is celebrated on January 8 is the famous shrine the Gauchito. On September 24, is also the patron saint of NuestraSeñora de las Mercedes.


Distances: City of Buenos Aires, 580 km; Rosario, 445 km; Santa Fe, 270 km; Córdoba, 570 km.

Opinion of the guides

“An ideal location for fishing in any mode is expected for the months of August and September. The river is clean, buennivel and village of forage fish. The Golden gets ideal to the artificial that caigansobre the correntosas coast of the Paraná or those that swim deep in streams of Brightwater in the delta of the river stream. “The bait naturaldebe be taken into account to vary the species, conpintas, chuzas and whiskers will give another dye sessions.” (Carlos Leguizamon, of Loque’eque Pora).

Tourist attractions

The cascourbano’s corner has two buildings that stand for their improntahistorica: the old typical House of the colony in which lived the doctor Alfredo Ferreira (local Museum) and the Church of Santa Rita, built from June 1914 in brick Gothic style. The Municipal sorprendetambien Palace to visitors, for its old neo-colonial style, despite the fact that it dates back to 1950. Its tienerelojes in the four-sided Tower, although his lack of performance, as the Catholic Church withthe, indicate that the passage of the hours matters little in the South portal of the Corrientes. While it retains something of the ancient airs, as the old building of the Argentina Naval Prefecture, ties manufactured in 1922 Enparana or tunnel with arcades in which carried especially flour on the boats, the port has renewed its facade with the modernocasino and the murals, which are also scattered elsewhere city dwellers. In the surroundings there are some rooms that offer rural tourism. The streets of the city remain framed by huge leafy trees, creating an environment of aires clean and bringing to mind memories of the colonial era, embodied in these lands.


Distances: city of Buenos Aires, 690 km; Rosario, 555 km; Santa Fe, 380 km; Córdoba, 680 km.

Opinion of the guides

“In August, when flowers lapacho, along the coast of the Paraná-Corrientes appear in Prime el dorado, boga and pati, also in the evening, afternoon, the surubí, which in September already begins apply early or in the caídade. In August fishing on the Paraná (e.g., the tip of the San Martin or the cut of Lopez) and already in setiembrese search in streams (such as the German or the Grove), all subject to the height of the River, preferably greater than 3.50 m”(Jorge Ledesma from the catfish).

Tourist attractions

In addition to the natural environment of rooms that offer rural tourism and enterprisesthat lead boat to know the Islands, its landscape, its flora and fauna, in the city highlights to view eninvierno are Catholic churches. The Cathedral has a long history that begins in 1861 yque includes landslides and restorations. The Temple of the roundabout, octagonal decrucero which gives it its name, was built in 1900 by testamentary will of Sinforosa Rolón yRubio, which explains, habiadedicado his life to charity, once at the battle of long payment to kill her boyfriend. The Devil’s Chapel, located in Cologne Carolina, esobra of the Italian migrant Lorenzo Tomasella, given as an offering after having saved his life by milagroluego of terrible storms at sea; figures cosmological delinterior give you name. Also known as tobacco capital suchas, Goya mingle the flavors of the river and the aroma of scented by nature sutierra. Lovers of culture, as the passion for artistic expression, will have the opportunity to visit numerous attractions, including the famous Municipal Theater, sitiosde, constituting an important artistic monument. The renowned Goya travellers enjoy can be a different tourism, tasting delicious typical meals, walking ancient encarruajes, milking animals and farm activities and I decampo, branding and herding. In addition, has a distinguished authors Corrientes library, as well as a small oratory with the image of Santa Rita. Tourism also invitaa horseback riding, safaris, watching wildlife, farm, organic farm production work, and much more.

Passage of the homeland

Distances: capital Federal, 990 km; Rosario, 820 km; Santa Fe, 790 km; Córdoba, 1,090 km.

Opinion of the guides

“Generals of the Paraná River conditions are very good and he is fishing in the area of the confluence and passage of the homeland, with modalities artificial, as trolling and spinning, but also with natural bait and even some dare to fly. They have brought surubíes and gilding of great size. In August and September climate we will benefit and will make fishing in optimal conditions.” (Andresin Lafuente, Cabañas Don Julian). Tourist attractions. Passage of Homeland stands out for its beaches for the summer and its fishing. It is located 20 minutes from the Corrientes capital, where the most interesting places to visit in winter, from the casino to the waterfront, past the historic buildings and churches including. The bridge that connects to the currents is a must to see the city and the River from the highest point. Very close step Kennel Loro Park is with her garden and breeding of parrots and other songbirds. The long weekend of August the 49th Edition of the National Festival of the Golden, will take place a few years includes various modalities and return.